Tru Infusion Cannabis Products Tucson AZ

NO BAD DAYZ with TRU Infusion

TRU Infusion products offer a premium cannabis experience by utilizing the most advanced technology combined with the safest and most efficient production methods available. Our lab utilizes proprietary extraction techniques for clean and pure outcomes. All of our prepared products are made from scratch, to ensure quality, full infusion and accurate dosing. We have all of our raw materials and finished products tested by a third-party testing facility to guarantee that our extraction & infusion methods are effective and accurate. If it says 50mg; itʼs 50mg, period. Scan the QR code on your package and type in your batch to see first hand your products testing results displaying accurate dosing and the freedom from solvents, pesticides, and heavy metals.

Tru Infusion Test Results

  • Edibles Tru Infusion – Sleep Coconut Oil Tincture – 01122356
  • Edibles Tru Infusion – 1:1 Restore Coconut Oil Tincture 100mg – 01122352
  • Edibles Tru Infusion – Clarity Coconut Oil Tincture 100mg – 06052354
  • Tinctures Tru Infusion – Sleep Tincture 100mg – 06052356
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