Tropics Cannabis Products Tucson AZ

Tropics Artisan Rosin products are made with one intention – giving you the purest, fullest high possible. Natural ingredients, single strain rosin from award-winning indoor strains, crafted with care and dedication in Phoenix, AZ. Our experienced team takes fresh, award winning indoor cannabis strains, and presses them in the same facility they were grown in to give the purest, highest quality, solventless high you can experience.

Tropics Test Results

  • Concentrates Tropics – Purple Ice Water Live Hash Rosin Vape – 0719PIWLHR
  • Edibles Tropics – Rainbow Sherbert Rosin Gummies 100mg – 23-0726-01
  • Edibles Tropics – Pink Lemonade Rosin Gummies 100mg – 23-0727-01
  • Edibles Tropics – Mimosa Rosin Gummies 100mg – 23-0705-03
  • Concentrates Tropics – First Class Funk Live Hash Rosin Vape – 0525FCFLHR
  • Edibles Tropics – Mango Chamoy Rosin Gummies 100mg – 23-0728-03
  • Concentrates Tropics – Creature Breath Live Hash Rosin Vape – 0523CBRLHR
  • Concentrates Tropics – Truffaloha Live Hash Rosin Vape – 0724TRALHR
  • Concentrates Tropics – Chimera Live Hash Rosin Vape – 0213CMALHR
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