Sir Newton’s Cannabis Products Tucson AZ

Defy the Laws of Gravity

At Sir Newton’s, we endeavor to make cutting edge, intelligently designed, safe cannabis products with a continued commitment to incorporating natural ingredients and promoting business practices that respect the environment.

Much like our namesake, we are inspired by nature and backed by science.

Sir Newton’s goal is to create mass appeal.

Sir Newton’s Test Results

  • Edibles Sir Newton’s – Mixed Flavor Gummies 300mg – GMF300 (110122MIX)
  • Edibles Sir Newton’s – Mixed Berry Gummies 900mg – 113022P2MB90
  • Concentrates Sir Newton’s – Distillate – 113022P2
  • Edibles Sir Newton’s – Guava Gummies 900mg – SNG90071123
  • Concentrates Sir Newton’s – Distillate – 121422P2
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