ISLA Confections Cannabis Products Tucson AZ

We don’t Sugar Coat, We go Bare

ISLA CONFECTIONS is a woman-owned family operated cannabis brand based out of Phoenix, AZ. We produce in small batches hand-crafted edibles using the finest ingredients and precision micro-dosing techniques. Our experience and passion for cannabis dates back over 20 years and we’re committed to providing the most desirable and highest quality consumer products to the Arizona cannabis market. ISLA CONFECTIONS is specifically designed for the modern-day cannabis user. Each serving is micro-dosed at 5mg so you can easily control your consumption. Our packaging is sleek, sophisticated, compact, and re-usable. The flavors are unique and made with real organic fruit extracts! All of our products are low calorie, low sugar, non-gmo, and of course all-natural!

ISLA Confections Test Results

  • Edibles Isla – Berry Blast Gummies 500mg – ICBB500 (121121P2)
  • Edibles Isla – Citrus Sunrise 1000mg Gummmies – ICCIT 1000 (220272-86)
  • Edibles Isla – 5:2 Sleepy Apricot Gummies 100mg THC/40 mg CBN – ICSA5:2 (220272-84)
  • Edibles Isla – Green Apple Gummies 100mg – ICGA(220272-86)
  • Edibles Isla – Berry Blast Gummies 1000mg – ICBB1000 (220272-86)
  • Concentrates Isla – Distillate – 220272-86
  • Edibles Isla – Dragon Fruit Gummies 100mg – ICDF (220272-84)
  • Edibles Isla – 1:1 Sleepy Apricot Gummies 100mg THC/100mg CBD – ICSA1:1 (220272-86)
  • Concentrates Isla – Distillate – 220272-84
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