Defi Cannabis Products Tucson AZ

Fly High with DEFI!

Have you ever had a bad experience with edibles? We have too! We figured out that improper dosing can take what should be a great experience and make it very unpleasant! After working in culinary and having quite a bit of knowledge in the MMJ world, we decided to DEFI the industry. We wanted to make an edible that hits quickly, and is consistently dosed, while still maintaining incredible taste.

Defi Test Results

  • Edibles Defi -1:1:1:1 Raspberry Citrus Gummies 100mg THC/ 100mg CBD/ 100mg CBN / 100mg CBG – 20-SN400
  • Concentrates Defi – Distillate – 03.24.23.DSU.A2.BI.F2 FP
  • Edibles Defi – Moonberry Gummies 1000mg – 20-MB1000
  • Edibles Defi – Blueberry Rosin Gummies 100mg – R1-BB100
  • Edibles Defi – Sour Strawberry Pineapple Rosin Gummies 100mg – R1-SP100
  • Concentrates Defi – Rosin – 2335 6904 7110 0866
  • Concentrates Defi – Distillate – 03.24.23.DSU.A2.B1.F2 FP
  • Edibles Defi – 1:1 Blueberry Gummies 500mg THC/ 500mg CBN – 18-BB500
  • Edibles Defi – Passion Fruit, Orange, Guava Rosin Gummies 100mg – R1-PG100
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